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Online Dice 

Online dice games have just taken a whole new approach to providing fun and profitable gaming opportunities for those interested in Bitcoin games. A range of new sites have popped up all over the online market, offering players Bitcoin Dice alongside all the other popular online dice games such as Craps. However, while games such as regular online Craps might be a favourite for some and a game to avoid for others, the online Bitcoin dice games provide something unique that’s easy to play, provides fair winnings, and is becoming one of the easiest online games to learn.

With many of these sites appearing everywhere and offering players a new way to win more Bitcoin, you’ll find many of them have a similar theme and layout; some even provide the exact same games. However, it’s important to sign up with a respectable site as payout rates, bet values, and game features play a major role in these Bitcoin dice games. There are also a few sites that provide a combination of benefits and disadvantages, such as higher payout rates and lower bet options, which obviously suits some players perfectly, but on the other hand, the opposite of those features might be suitable for a whole new type of player.

Luckily, the Bitcoin dice games community of sites have made it easy for players to find the perfect gaming type to suit their needs. Players can enjoy the games with all the same rules and options without risking a single Bitcoin. Therefore, learning what the game is all about and what type of Bitcoin dice games you’re interested in.

Those who enjoy advanced betting systems on other table games can bring the action to Bitcoin dice games as well. You’re even invited to use a dice simulator that gives you the opportunity to test various systems and come up with the best possible betting structure to enhance your gaming experience.

How to Play Online Dice

There are a few different game types and opportunities to choose from, but most of them provide the same features. Online dice games simply use the result of 2 dice to determine your winnings, meaning values from 2 up to 12 can be rolled. The best part is, players aren’t required to get the value or determine what the outcome will be as seen with Craps and other dice games. Instead, you simply need to select a value on the dice and predict whether the next rolled value will be higher or lower than the selected amount.

To start, choose a bet value per roll. As with most online games, this value can be set at the bottom of the screen. Players can choose from various values that is suitable for new players and high rollers. Many panels also make it easy to add progressive betting strategies as a double-up, and half betting options are available. Therefore, you can double the bet value after a losing hand as many times as you want while also having the ability to cut the bet in half after winning.

Once the bet value has been determined, choose a value on the dice. These values range from 2 through to 12. Once a value has been selected, choose between under and over. Under means, you predict that the next roll will have a value less than the amount selected and over means the next value will be higher. Most dice games will provide the payout for these spins, which are determined by the odds. For example, if you play extremely safe and select 12 on the dice and predict the value of the next roll will be lower, your payout would only be 1.01x your bet value as one 1 number (12) could result in a loss. Adding more risk, meaning your winnings are higher, all players have the ability to choose bet values and risk accordingly, making it perfect for all player types to enjoy.

Dice Game Payouts 

As mentioned above, there are a few different variances of these games, but most provide the same winnings, depending on the number of dice used. However, most games feature two dice per roll that includes 12 possible numbers.

Winnings are only achieved for a numbers higher or lower than the selected number. Therefore, a roll on the number selected would count in favour of the house. In other words, if you’ve selected number 8 for example and the roll lands on 8, the round would result in a loss, irrespective of the over/under bet option.

The value of your winnings is determined by the odds that are selected when choosing whether the next roll will be higher or lower. Obviously, if more numbers are left open for over or under, the payout will be lower as the chance of winning is improved. Since two and twelve are the lower and higher numbers, these cannot be chosen. Bets can be placed on numbers three through eleven, and payouts include 35.3x when selecting the number three and choosing the next number rolled to be lower.

Selecting the number four or lower will award winnings of 11.8x, and selecting five and lower will award 5.88x. For those wanting to risk less but still enjoy impressive winnings will be able to place bets on number six through eleven and see a win ranging from 1.01x to 3.53x. The same payout values can be expected for playing the oversize as well. Obviously, the 35.3x payout will be awarded when eleven is selected along with the over option, meaning only the number twelve will pay.

Are Online Dice Games Fair?

The first range of online dice games was questionable as many casinos didn’t provide fair and random results that were truly random. However, since many casinos are now being tested for fairness, these games have no choice but to provide fair gaming opportunities.

Online dice games such as Bitcoin Dice has taken the time to provide members with an even higher level of trusted fairness with the hash function included. The system ensures fair gaming that cannot be changed by the casino due to the strength of the additional feature. The use of similar software has been used for Bitcoin to ensure it remains secure and cannot be hacked, making the online gaming system just as safe when it comes to anything from fairness through to safety.

Also, the system allows the casino to provide the player with proof of fairness as the seed cannot be changed without a player seeing it. Therefore, players are invited to a fair gaming experience with most Bitcoin dice casinos that do not share the same fairness feature as there is not a universal formula.

The fairness information is given with each roll of the dice. Players can see the fairness at the end of each roll as these seeds are used from both the player and casino. At the beginning of each round, the service automatically generates a new seed code at complete random and then becomes a hash and is sent to the player. In return, the player also provides a random seed that combines with the other to determine the result of the game. To ensure fairness, the player and casino seed needs to match, which ensures no unfair results are given.

Should the seeds not match, it simply means the results given were not fairly determined and tampered with. However, luckily, the best Bitcoin Dice Casinos provide gaming options with these hash systems, allowing players to enjoy impressive winnings while also taking full advantage of fairness and security.

There are dice games that don’t provide these seeds, which doesn’t mean they aren’t fair but simply use a different system to ensure winnings are random and provide fair winnings. However, be sure to read a review on the casino and games they provide to get a better understanding of how fairness is determined.

Finding the Best Dice Games 

Online dice games are featured in various ways; some provide an easy to use interface with all the information you need while others are very basic and don’t provide many options. Some developers have created a neat layout with a cup and dice to provide the results of each round while others simply provide a panel where bet values can be chosen along with the chance and payout.

Many of these casinos also include great promotions that include anything from match bonuses to cashback rewards as found with most online casinos. There are many sites to choose from that include various gaming options, promotions, and rewards to boost your value and provide added opportunities that can be used to increase winnings.

Sites with multiple dice games and other casino games tend to be the most popular as players aren’t limited to only one type of game. Bitcoin casinos are also most popular for multiple promotions, offering members a better all-around gaming opportunity.