Introduction: There are some casino games such as blackjack and poker where there is an on-going debate as to whether they can be categorized as games of skill or games of chance.  However there is no such debate when it comes to craps as the game is purely based on chance.

This is a dice game that can be played at a live casino, online casino or even out in the open as one does not need a lot of equipment to start a game of craps. The game of craps has been played all over the world for decades and is quite popular in France and the United States.

Craps Basics: There are some casino games that can be intimidating to new players as they are complicated and require a strategy for players to be consistently successful. However since Craps is based purely on the roll of a dice and the eventual outcome is governed by chance or luck, it is very easy for beginners to learn the game of craps. There are different types of craps games that are determined by a pair of dice, series of dice rolls or outcome of the final roll.

Online Craps: While craps might not be as popular as poker, blackjack, roulette and slots – there is still a growing market for online craps. Hundreds of online casinos offer craps and they mostly come in two variants – free to play craps games and real money craps games.

Free to Play: Online casinos offer free to play craps games to enable players to get a feel for the game. This is also a great option for players to practice and familiarize themselves with the different craps games. Players do not need to make any deposits to access these free to play online casino games but will have to sign up for an online casino account. Once players figure out how the game is played and the types of wagers they can make, they can then move on to playing real money craps.

Real Money Craps: Players will have to make a deposit with the online casino and then use their money to wager on real money craps games. While craps is based on chance and does not require any gaming strategy, beginners will do well to take the time to learn how to manage their bankroll, so they don’t end up blowing all their money at one go playing real money craps.

Land Based Craps: All of the top land based casinos in the world usually have atleast one table dedicated to the game of craps. Players will have the responsibility of rolling the dice at the live craps table and there will be a boxman and stickman present at the table to ensure that all of the players at the craps table are playing fair.

Online Craps vs. Land Based Craps: While there are a number of differences when comparing online craps to land based craps games, the biggest difference comes down to overall entertainment and the pace of game.

Players at land based casinos tend to have a lot of fun and play at a relaxed pace at the craps table because they are looking to soak in the atmosphere and interact with the other players and casino staff.

However it is completely different when playing online craps as online players tend to play a lot faster and bet quicker because they are looking to increase their bankroll with every roll of the dice. Online players, who like playing craps on a regular basis, will do well to keep an eye on their spending and the amount of time they are spending at online craps games.