Are There Any Real Betting Strategies For Bitcoin Online Dice Games? 

It is a known fact that bitcoin dice games are based on chance but that does not discourage players from believing that they can come up with a strategy to win consistently at online dice games. Bitcoin players will therefore be able to find a number of online dice strategies that claim to help them make a profit out of online dice games.

The most common of these strategies is the Martingale Strategy, which can lead to the loss of one’s entire bankroll if the player is not careful. This strategy advises players to double their bet with every game they lose so that they will win a big amount when they ultimately win. New players usually get excited about this strategy without realizing the simple fact that they can end up losing more than ten times continuously.

For example, if players start playing with a bet of 0.01BTC and lose ten times, they will be risking hundreds of dollars just to win back their original bet and may not be the best strategy for newbies – depending on how you look at things.

Another common strategy is the Paroli Strategy, which advises players to increase their bet only if they win. If players lose, they have to bet lesser. If they win, they have to bet more. While it is less risky than the Martingale Strategy, it is definitely has its drawbacks as there is nothing to stop players from losing after a big win.

While the above-mentioned strategies appear attractive and claim to actually help players profit from Bitcoin dice games, players should understand that they are playing games of chance and there is really no strategy that can really help them profit consistently from a game of chance. Mathematically speaking, it is impossible to devise a strategy that can beat the house but then one has to factor in the element of luck – which means a player on their day can beat any odds and end up with huge winnings.

Instead of relying on strategies, bitcoin dice players can rely on simple tips that will definitely keep them from busting their bankrolls. Players should make an honest attempt to learn more about the dice games they would like to play. They should understand concepts such as house edge, max profit and chance percentage.

They should also take some time to learn a little about probability. Players do not really need any skills or strategies to play bitcoin dice games. They just need luck. But they can calculate probabilities to give them an idea of their chances of winning.

The best strategy bitcoin dice players can follow is to play for entertainment alone. They should avoid chasing losses, play only with money they can afford to lose and know when it is time to quit and walk away.