Online Ethereum Dice 

Ethereum is one of the latest cryptocurrencies the online market has to offer but includes a unique twist when it comes to functionality due to start contracts. Much like Bitcoin, Ethereum uses blockchain technology but is based on a programmable and decentralized platform with the incorporation of smart contracts that allow users to apply many additional functions by adding economic organization systems called ether.

It’s been said that Ethereum has the ability to change the way we do online transactions as many additional features can be added with the start contract feature. Thus, basically taking out the middle man such as banks, web wallets, and many other services. The smart contract feature can also be used for online gambling that adds yet another benefit when it comes to fairness and security.

Ether has made it much harder for scammers to get hold of your funds as these smart contracts require the verification of the account holder before transactions are completed. Much like Bitcoin dice games, the provable fair feature kicks into action, giving players the first form of online gambling that proves fair results with each round played. This combined with the added security and amazing values increases of Ethereum, provides a gaming opportunity like the online market has never seen before.


How to Play Dice with Ethereum 

Firstly, you need to find a respectable site that provides these gaming options. Some provide bonuses, VIP programs, and many other casino games while other sites simply provide the dice game only without any bonuses or added features.

Once you’ve registered, made a deposit, and found the dice game of your choice, you’ll be presented with a layout that includes the dice numbers, over and under bet options, winning information, and your odds of winning.

Games that provide results on only 12 numbers (2 dice) are just as easy to play as the bigger games. Choose a dice number from 2 to 12 as the split and then select over (the value of the next roll will be higher than the number selected) or under (the value of the next roll will be less than the selected number). The roll can occur instantly, or the game will provide a quick animation to simulate the roll.

Winnings are based on the odds, if you choose a low number such as three along with the over option, you’ll win more often, but the layout value won’t be massive. If you select 9 or higher and the over option, it means your risk is much higher as only numbers 10, 11, and 12 will provide winnings. Rolls that result in a win will provide much higher payouts this way, but you’ll have less winning rolls.

These games provide a provable fair feature that allows players to ensure fairness on each roll by verifying the seed and hash code generated by each round. Players can check the codes presented with software attached to the game to ensure fairness.