How To Play Craps 

Introduction: Players who have never played at an online casino, usually start out with games that require no gaming strategy as it gives them the confidence to play online and have fun at the same time. Craps is one of those online casino games that allow players to start pretty quickly as the game is based purely on chance.

Choosing An Online Casino: The first step to playing craps online is finding a reputed and licensed internet casino that offers online craps. Players can run a Google search to find ‘online casinos offering craps’ and then choose a minimum of three online casinos that they could play at.

Players should take the time to read a few reviews on these online casinos to know if they are reliable and a safe bet. If there are more than 5 negative reviews, it might be a good idea to skip that particular online casino. We advise players to play only at licensed online casinos and only at those casinos which have good player reviews.

Signing Up For An Online Account: Most online casinos require players to sign up for an online account in order for them to play online craps. The process to sign-up for an online account is pretty simple and requires just a few minutes. Players will usually be asked to link either a credit card or an e-wallet to their online casino account as it will allow them to make deposits once they decide to play and make wagers on craps games.

Online Craps Bonuses: Many online casinos who offer craps also offer special signup bonuses that allow players to use their bonus money to make deposits. Thus if a player is signing up at an online casino to specifically play craps, it is always a good idea to sign-up with an online casino offering specific online craps bonuses. We advise players to always take the time to read the bonus terms and conditions carefully as most bonuses have wagering requirements that must be met, before a player becomes eligible to withdraw their winnings.

Free To Play Craps: New players will do well to take advantage of free to play craps games as it will give them the experience of playing online craps and getting accustomed to the software and the speed of the game. Online casinos tend to offer free to play craps games as it allows players to practice for free and then gain enough confidence to move to the next stage which is real money cash games.

Real Money Craps: These are games where players will have to place wagers on their craps games and start playing. If they win, they will then be eligible to withdraw their winnings based on the withdrawal terms and conditions.

Playing Craps: Craps is a dice game and is played online by simply pushing a button. The winner is decided based on the final outcome of the dice or pair of dice – depending on what type of craps games are played. The most important aspect of playing craps is that players must get familiarized with the online craps table. There are also numerous FAQs and You Tube videos providing players with a free and quick crash course on how to play online craps.