How To Play Sic Bo

Introduction: Most beginners tend to pick easy games to learn and play like Sic Bo as they are pretty similar, require minimal gaming strategy and the final outcome is based completely on chance. There are few steps that one must follow in order to learn and play Sic Bo online.

Choosing An Online Casino: The first step is to find an online casino that offers Sic Bo and then ensure that you are able to access the online casino as some online casinos restrict entry based on the gaming laws prevalent in each country. When choosing an online casino, players need to check if the casino is licensed, regulated and has a good market reputation. They can do this by reading online player reviews and reviewing the home page of the online casino, where licensing information is usually available.

Creating An Online Account: The process of creating an online casino account is relatively simple. Players will have to choose an online screen name, verify their identity and link their account to a credit or debit card, bank account or e-wallet which will enable them to make deposits and play real money games.

Sic Bo Bonuses: One of the advantages of playing online Sic Bo when compared to land based Sic Bo is that players can avail get sign-up bonuses which often include free cash that can be used to play real money cash games. Thus we suggest it is always better for players to review a minimum of three online casinos to see what kind of bonuses are on offer before deciding to sign-up. If a player is interested only in online Sic Bo games, then they must check the terms and conditions as there are some online casinos that allow these bonuses to be used on selective casino games.

Playing Sic Bo: While no gaming strategy is required to play Sic Bo, players will do well to familiarize themselves with the Sic Bo table. The online Sic Bo table is just about similar to the real Sic Bo table and the easiest way for one to familiarize themselves with the table is to break down the large table into smaller grids and then figure it out in pieces.

The Sic Bo table can appear a bit complicated to beginners but one can figure things out by checking out a Sic Bo table images on Google or also watching a couple of free You Tube videos that take viewers through a Sic Bo beginners guide.

Sic Bo Bets:  The most common types of bets placed on Sic Bo online games are Small and Big bets as they offer players the best chance to beat the house. A small bet means that a player is guessing that the total of the three dices will fall between 4 – 10 and a big bet means that a player is betting the total will fall between 11 – 17. Most online Sic Bo games have a house edge of 2.78 percent and a player has a win percentage of 48.61 percent. There are also double and triple bets that can be placed but most players shy away from them as the house edge is 33.3 percent on double bets and 30.09 on triple bets.