How To Play Yahtzee 

Introduction: Players who have never tried the game of Yahtzee will find that it is easy to learn and play, just like other dice games. There are a number of online guides and basic You Tube videos that give players a free crash course and a working knowledge of how Yahtzee is played. However the best way to learn how to play Yahtzee is to actually play the game and learn while you play. There are a number of online casinos that offer Yahtzee and provide free to play Yahtzee games for players to experiment and see if they like Yahtzee.

Choosing An Online Casino: Since Yahtzee is not as popular as poker, blackjack or craps – there are a limited number of online casinos that offer Yahtzee games. As a result, players do not have a wide selection when it comes to choosing an online casino but what they do have is the option of choosing to play Yahtzee at an online casino or via a mobile app. Players can find an online casino offering Yahtzee by carrying out a Google search and then selecting any one of the online casinos.

Creating An Online Account: Players must sign-up for an account at the online casino before they will be allowed to play Yahtzee. The process of creating an online account is rather simple as players will have to choose a screen name, provide identity proof and link a payment method to their online casino account which they can used to fund to play real money Yahtzee. The process of creating an account via a mobile app is also similar and there are some online casinos that also have a mobile app – which means that players can use their same login information for the mobile app as well.

Yahtzee Bonuses: Online casinos offer players attractive sign-up bonuses that can range from $5 to $500 and more, depending on the online casino. Players can then use this deposit money to play real money Yahtzee games without having to invest any of their money. However we advise players to read the bonus terms and conditions carefully as many casinos have wagering requirements attached to these bonuses, which means players will have to bet a certain amount of times and wager a certain amount of money before they become eligible to withdraw their winnings.

It is also important to note that some online casinos restrict their bonuses to only certain games and hence when playing Yahtzee, do check if the bonuses can be applied to Yahtzee games.

Playing Yahtzee: Each time the dice is rolled, the roll needs to be scored in one of the 13 categories. The scoring is based on different rules for each category. Players need to get the maximum total score at the end of 13 rounds in order to win the game.

Yahtzee Bets: Each player is required to place a wager before the start of a real money Yahtzee game. The player with the highest score after 13 rounds ends up winning the game and collects the total amount of money wagered on the game.