Provably Fair Dice

Those of you who have played at casinos that accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin might have seen the Provably Fair gaming options that have been added over the last few months. Those that have been playing at regular online casinos wouldn’t have heard about these features as they have only been created for blockchain currencies that are decentralized. Sites that provide these games tend to use the information as promotional content as it’s a whole new way of ensuring fairness at the casino and the games you play. Many have also received a stamp of approval that guarantees the fairness aspect, but what does this mean?

Taking the words “Provably Fair” already tells us a lot as it means the casino can prove that fairness takes part in their games and no inaccurate results are given to provide a higher house edge for the casino. Of course, this is brilliant and provides a whole new advantage for players as there is no question the games you play are 100% fair. However, this hasn’t been added to all the games they provide, selecting the provably fair game selection usually results in only dice games, which are the first games to provide the feature for cryptocurrency casinos.

How Provably Fair Works

Saying a casino is fair and provides accurate results with each round played is great, but as history has indicated, many of these quotes are incorrect and do not correctly represent the actual fairness available at the casino. So, what does provably fair mean when it comes to actually being 100% fair?

Well, games such as the dice game mentioned above comes with a verification system that works with the client seed, server seed, and nonce that are used to determine the game results. These are work as follows:

  • The client seed is created by the browser you use, meaning it’s unique to you and is generated with each round you play.
  • The server seed is sent to you from the casino and cannot be tampered with as it will not match the client seed that’s been created by your browser.
  • The nonce is a code that starts from 0 or 1 and is determined by the online casino that provides the game.

All the information explained above is available after each roll, meaning each game can be tested to ensure fairness. Most tools only require the client seed and the server seed (also known as the hash) to gather this information and provide the outcome of the roll. Once it’s been verified by the software, players can compare the results to the game history, which is also provided below most of these dice games. You’ll find the game information, winnings, and roll value is shown, but some software programs only provide basic information about the roll to ensure it’s fair.

Some casinos have included other ways to ensuring fairness, which includes a very similar procedure but simply with other information. The software can usually be found on the same page as the game and can instantly be accessed for players to ensure the fairness of the dice game currently played.