Introduction: Yahtzee is a dice game that is based purely on luck and first came out in the 1940s. The game was created by Milton Bradley and was initially marketed by the National Association Service out of Ohio under the label ‘Yatzie’. This dice game was later marketed by Edwin S Lowe in 1956 as parting of a gaming package known as ‘LUCK – 15 Grand Dice Games’.

Yahtzee is now owned by Hasbro and while it is still played in different parts of the world, it is not as popular as some of the other dice games like Sic Bo and Craps. One of the reasons why Yahtzee is not that popular is because the game has had very little exposure and many are not aware that such a game exists.

Yahtzee Basics: Yahtzee can be played individually or with a group of players who will have to roll 5 dices and play a total of thirteen rounds. Each round requires the player to roll the dice and then score the roll in one of the thirteen categories. There is not a lot of strategy required to play Yahtzee and it is very easy for new players to learn the game quickly.

Initially Yahtzee can come across as being a little complicated but once you get past this mental hurdle, players will find it easy to grasp as well as play. One of the best ways of improving at Yahtzee is to play regularly and gain confidence on how the game works.

Online Yahtzee: The online gaming industry has grown at a rapid pace over the years and one of the reasons for the massive growth is because a number of old board games have been brought to life as developers have taken games like Yahtzee and brought them to life online.

Today players can access online Yahtzee games over the internet and also through their smartphones as there are mobile apps that offer Yahtzee allowing players to access their favorite games on the go. Online Yahtzee is very similar to the traditional board game and is made available in a free to play version and a real money version.

Free to Play: Most online casinos that offer Yahtzee provide players with a free to play version as it allows them to try out a new game without depositing any of their money. This gives players the option of experimenting with new games like Yahtzee and seeing for themselves, if it is something that they like and want to play on a regular basis.

The opportunity of playing Yahtzee for free also allows players to make mistakes, learn from them and thereby build their confidence of moving on to the next level which is playing Yahtzee for real money.

Real Money Yahtzee: The excitement increases when one starts playing Yahtzee for real money as players now realize they can lose money but also win money if they win at Yahtzee. There is no real gaming strategy required to win at real money Yahtzee as it is a game based purely on luck but players must pay attention to their bankroll or they could end up losing all their money in a very quick time.

Online Yahtzee vs. Traditional Yahtzee: It is safe to say that Yahtzee is becoming more popular due to its online presence. Yahtzee board games are still in demand today but these games are played mostly for fun and entertainment.

However Yahtzee games are becoming popular because online casinos are now offering real money Yahtzee games and the opportunity for Yahtzee players to compete against one another and win money on every game.